Study Group

November Study Group

Thursday, November 9, 2017 7:30-9pm


Venue: The Party Room, 265 Ridley Blvd

We will be considering the challenge to make a regular practice of asking:

Which elements of the Enneagram can I revisit/ explore to understand and work on myself?

We will continue to review the Bea Chestnut ideas of the 27 subtypes as this was of interest at the last meeting.

The November meeting will be the last Study Group for 2017. There will be NO meetings in Spring 2018 as we will be re-directing our organizational resources to our ever popular Spring Workshop. There will be much more news on that and our website will shortly be updated to reflect those activities.

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October Study Group

Thursday, October 12, 2017 7:30-9pm

We will be considering our relationship with ourselves and with others. We know the Enneagram to be a great introspective tool. The challenge can be to make it a regular practice to keep asking:

  • Why is it so hard/ unpleasant/ annoying [add your own word here] to understand certain significant people in my life?
  • Why do I gravitate towards/ away from certain personailities?
  • Which elements of the Enneagram can I revisit/ explore to understand and work on myself?

Charlene Day will be taking us back through the subtypes presented by Bea Chestnut in our May 2016 workshop here in Toronto. No previous knowledge necessary, but if you have Bea’s books, or attended the workshop your insights, as always, are greatly valued! Come to the next meeting to use our collective energy to dig deeper and find new answers!

It would be so helpful if you could let me know if you will attend. And perhaps, if you won’t be joining us, could you possibly let me know what might entice you to join us in the months to follow?

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September Study Group

Thursday, September 14, 2017 7:30-9pm

We’ll review and debrief from the Andrea Isaacs workshop.

We look forward to hearing which Enneagram events you participated in over the Summer. Please bring along any programmes, workbooks, texts or other relevant mementos that convey the information that you gleaned through adventure or barricade. Each of our types will have uniquely colored our perspectives of the summer, so the focus is simply Summer 2017 from our Enneagram points of view.

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June Study Group

Thursday, June 8, 2017 7:30-9pm

We’ll review and debrief from the Andrea Isaacs workshop. For those of you who were there, this will be a chance to share your experience and take-aways.  For those of you who were not there, this will be a chance to learn about a different approach to understanding and embodying the nine Enneagram types.

Sadly we have just lost an amazing teacher, David Daniels. David had delivered two inspirational workshops for Enneagram North over the past several years. Some of us may wish to come and share our memorable moments in which David and his work impacted our lives.

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April Study Group

Thursday, April 13, 2017 7:30-9pm

Yoga and the Enneagram

This month’s Study Group will explore an Enneagram practice which focuses on the physical body. Andrea Isaacs will be developing this topic much deeper in her presentation on the ‘Embodied Enneagram’ over 2 days at our annual Workshop. Click here for more information.

In January 2017 Yoga Journal published 2 articles on the Enneagram and we will review these and discuss our own perspectives. It is always easier to talk about the Enneagram to friends and family when the concept is familiar. Do these Yoga articles accurately introduce the Enneagram? Do the poses/ asanas and mantras presented in the articles enhance our practice? Bring along a yoga mat if you fancy actively trying the poses. (This is very optional.) We look forward to a lively discussion.

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March Study Group

Thursday, March 16, 2017 7:30-9pm

Knowing the Enneagram – guided by Marshall McLuhan, presented by Ruthanne and George Wrobel

Marshall McLuhan was a student of popular culture who probed how media changes minds. He invented thinking tools for tracing connections between verbal expressions of every sort. Ruthanne and George are currently engaged in McLuhan studies while keeping the Enneagram in mind. As a thought experiment, they will outline a four-part thinking tool (called a tetrad), which McLuhan used to study the effects of any medium, any means of communication.  

 Then, we will explore the topic, “Knowing the Enneagram” in light of McLuhan’s four questions: What human ability does this extend or enhance? What does it push aside or replace? What does it retrieve from distant memory or ancient history? What does it reverse or flip into when pushed to extremes? There are no right or wrong responses to these questions. Please think about the Enneagram in this light. Designing tetrads is an informative, creative activity that is thought-provoking and fun.

Join us for this novel approach to exploring the Enneagram.

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February Study Group

Thursday February 9, 2017  7:30-9pm

How do you prefer to study the Enneagram? Please share with us in person, or by sending an email to be shared in group. The topic will be Learning Styles, as related to learning the Enneagram.

Many of us learned about the Enneagram through in-person trainings such as our own Annual workshop/ conference in May. Others have traveled to training and conferences run by organizations such as our local Deep Life, and internationally Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition, The Enneagram Institute, The Enneagram in Business, the International Enneagram Association amongst many others. 

For the last months we participated in an online training run by the Shift Network. A recent email highlighted Andrea Isaac’s work also presented through the Shift Network and illustrates the body movement aspects to the Enneagram. There are subscriptions to magazines such as and countless articles on the internet.

In our Enneagram North library we have books, workbooks, flash cards, CD’s and DVDs.

Of course, as a Study Group we also meet monthly, in person, to share our learning journeys. Let us know your favourite, most effective/ impactful way to learn about the Enneagram which can inform our upcoming May conference.

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January Study Group

Thursday January 12,  2017

Last meeting we got to experience a rare opportunity to be mentored and learn with renowned Enneagram teacher Jessica Dibbs. We have another chance to do that as a group. We will participate again together in Module 9 of the Experiential Enneagram (online).

The focus will be on “A Life of Courageous Purpose; Embodying the Connectivity & Inner Guidance That Supports Individual & Collective Wisdom.”

It is a 1 ½ hour session which includes meditation, in-session assignments and invitations for therapeutic movement.  We will discuss the format of online learning, the session content and the experience of doing this as a group.

For those who wish to read more about the training please visit

Please RSVP to Carmen

December Study Group

Thursday December 8, 2016

Charlene Day will be hosting a session to join her as a participant in the online course, Experiential Enneagram with Jessica Dibbs.

Before and after the module we will discuss the format of online delivery of teaching The Enneagram over speaker phone, the session content and the experience of doing this as a group. Some of us have done online sessions with the Shift Network and other organizations and this is an opportunity to share our individual and group perspectives.

Please RSVP to Carmen to get the directions to the new venue.

November Study Group

Thursday November 10, 2016

Expressing your Enneagram Type thru your Creativity

Andrea Sinclair will be sharing her passion for creating ceramic art. Andrea has incorporated her own perspective of the Enneagram into her lucrative hobby. As always, the Study Group gives the opportunity to share our personal experiences with, and views on, the Enneagram. Andrea encourages you to bring your creativity to share at the meeting as well. So, please ‘show and tell’  your own hobby/ies and how your awareness of your type impacts your creativity.

Once a month, members and guests meet in the Greater Toronto Area to discuss an Enneagram related subject.  The study group explores a wide variety of stimulating topics, such as type in the workplace, love and the Enneagram, subtypes, relationships and spirituality.  Different authors are compared and contrasted.  Although generally the group chooses a new topic each month, the participants may elect to pursue a specific topic over a longer period when a deeper understanding of the subject is required.

Discussions take place in a warm, friendly and relaxed environment.  While the study group is a membership benefit and open to invited guests, after two visits guests are required to become members.  A small contribution by guests would be welcome to cover the costs of refreshments and handouts.

To confirm the date or if you have any questions please email