Unfortunately, we have been forced to cancel our planned workshop with Deborah Ooten this April.  We regret any inconvenience.

Enneagram North is a volunteer run organization that offers its members an opportunity to learn, order explore and share the teachings of the Enneagram.

November Study Group

Thursday, November 9, 2017 7:30-9pm

Venue: The Party Room, 265 Ridley Blvd

We will be considering the challenge to make a regular practice of asking:

Which elements of the Enneagram can I revisit/ explore to understand and work on myself?

We will continue to review the Bea Chestnut ideas of the 27 subtypes as this was of interest at the last meeting.

The November meeting will be the last Study Group for 2017. There will be NO meetings in Spring 2018 as we will be re-directing our organizational resources to our ever popular Spring Workshop. There will be much more news on that and our website will shortly be updated to reflect those activities.

Please RSVP at carmen@enneagramnorth.com

October Study Group

Thursday, October 12, 2017 7:30-9pm

We will be considering our relationship with ourselves and with others. We know the Enneagram to be a great introspective tool. The challenge can be to make it a regular practice to keep asking:

  • Why is it so hard/ unpleasant/ annoying [add your own word here] to understand certain significant people in my life?
  • Why do I gravitate towards/ away from certain personalities?
  • Which elements of the Enneagram can I revisit/ explore to understand and work on myself?

Charlene Day will be taking us back through the subtypes presented by Bea Chestnut in our May 2016 workshop here in Toronto. No previous knowledge necessary, but if you have Bea’s books, or attended the workshop your insights, as always, are greatly valued! Come to the next meeting to use our collective energy to dig deeper and find new answers!

It would be so helpful if you could let me know if you will attend. And perhaps, if you won’t be joining us, could you possibly let me know what might entice you to join us in the months to follow?

Please RSVP at carmen@enneagramnorth.com

September Study Group

Thursday, September 14, 2017 7:30-9pm

We’ll review and debrief from the Andrea Isaacs workshop.

We look forward to hearing which Enneagram events you participated in over the Summer. Please bring along any programmes, workbooks, texts or other relevant mementos that convey the information that you gleaned through adventure or barricade. Each of our types will have uniquely colored our perspectives of the summer, so the focus is simply Summer 2017 from our Enneagram points of view.

Please RSVP to Carmen  carmen@enneagramnorth.com

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We hold a monthly study group.
We host an annual weekend workshop, with well known Enneagram teachers to share their expertise.
We maintain a lending library with a wide range of Enneagram books and other resources.